Besides creating products for the A.M IDEAS brand we really enjoy working with clients from all walks of life. 

Design without Borders

Design without borders (DwB) is a Norwegian government funded design consultancy that uses design as a form of development aid. By collaborating closely with local partners, Design without Borders seeks to uses the designer's creative and analytical skills to solve challenges in developing countries.

A.M IDEAS was contracted as their project consultant in 2010, 2011, 2013 to seek, evaluate and secure projects for Design Without Borders to work with. The work involved living in Kampala, Uganda for 3 months at a time, visiting international aid organisations and local companies. UNICEF was nominated as a project partner for 2011 and 2012. They were interested in involving DwB designers in the design and development of rugged solar powered computer kiosks for youths of urban and rural Uganda (image on the right). The product is to be manufactured locally and eventually distributed to various districts of Uganda so as to help educate youths. In 2014, DwB will collaborate with 4 businesses located in Uganda. The middle image is taken at the company of one these project partners. This Ugandan factory would like DwB to improve the functionality and design of their weighing scales.

H2O Satellite

More than one billion people on earth lack reliable access to safe drinking water. This product seeks to tackle this problem. Used in conjunction with a jerry can the H2O Satellite purifies rainwater so that it can be consumed once it is collected. The water is filtered through a three-step process to make it safe to drink. First, large objects such as twigs and leaves, are filtered out, then larger particles, such as sand, are filtered out using the bionet. The water is then filtered through a membrane that filters out micron sized germs and bacteria. As the rain passes, the H2O Satellite can be removed from the jerry can and the water is ready to drink.

This project was designed for the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan. The client requested A.M IDEAS to design a product using a low cost water filtration system they had developed.

Tecno-Air Bicycle Pump

The Techno-Air Bicycle Pump was designed to reduce the chances of bicycle inner tubes bursting in hot conditions. Moisture causes the air in inner tubes to expand and can potentially burst the tire when exposed to a rise in temperature over a period of time. This can occur when riding on hot roads or going down hills at high speeds. To reduce the possibility of this happening, the Techno-Air Bicycle Pump uses a hollow fiber cartridge to filter out the moisture content in air, so only dry air enters the bike. Heated dry air’s expansion rate is less than moist air. A window on the pump head reveals the cartridge, when it turns blue it has reached its maximum capacity and needs to be replaced.

This product was designed for the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan.

Go Bench

The traditional Chinese bench is used for relaxation. From the past to the present people have gathered in public spaces to play the game “Go”. The Go Bench fuses a “Go” board with a traditional Chinese bench, the game pieces can be found in drawers underneath the board. The board design incorporates pockets for the game pieces so as to minimise the chances of the them sliding around during game play. The Go bench encourages relaxation and social interaction.

Gong Clock

The Gong Clock is a Chinese interpretation of the cuckoo clock, it welcomes each new hour with one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. In our modern and digital world, the Gong Clock allows us to appreciate the simplicity of acoustic sound to mark the passage of time. It also celebrates the patience and skill of timeless traditional crafts, and the dedicated craftsmen who create them.

The gong and clock face were both handmade by the master craftsman, Mr. Lin Lie-Chi. Mr. Lin uses the hammer to shape the metal, and only his ear to achieve the perfect pitch. The 12 animals of the zodiac were each created by the 89-year-old paper-cutting master, Mr. Li Huan Chang. Mr. Li first designed the animals using paper, then we transferred his designs onto bronze plates. Gong Clock aspires to translate Taiwanese traditional crafts in a way that is relatable to people’s everyday lives.

This project was completed for Yii, a brand founded by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. In 2011 it was exhibited in the Triennale Design Museum, Milan, during the city's annual design week.