Gong clock

The Gong Clock is a Chinese interpretation of the cuckoo clock, it welcomes each new hour with one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. In our modern and digital world, the Gong Clock allows us to appreciate the simplicity of acoustic sound to mark the passage of time. It also celebrates the patience and skill of timeless traditional crafts, and the dedicated craftsmen who create them. 

The gong and clock face were both handmade by the master craftsman, Mr. Lin Lie-Chi. Mr. Lin uses the hammer to shape the metal, and only his ear to achieve the perfect pitch. The 12 animals of the zodiac were each created by the 89-year-old paper-cutting master, Mr. Li Huan Chang. Mr. Li first designed the animals using paper, then we transferred his designs onto bronze plates. Gong Clock aspires to translate Taiwanese traditional crafts in a way that is relatable to people’s everyday lives. 

This project was completed for Yii, a brand founded by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. In 2011 it was exhibited in the Triennale Design Museum, Milan, during the city's annual design week.

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