A.M IDEAS is a brand dedicated to creating ethical luxuries. Natural materials are infused into homewares and personal accessories. The collections are heavily influenced by artisanal traditions.

Collection: Why rush?
Our first collection of limited edition products features rush grass weaving, done by highly skilled grandmothers from a lovely little community in the middle of Taiwan. This craft has been practiced in Taiwan for over 300 years. A.M IDEAS wishes to let people known and own a piece of this enchanting craft. 


A.M IDEAS was established in Taipei in the summer of 2010 by two best friends, Wanshan and Helen, both of whom have backgrounds in product design. We met whilst working at corporate jobs designing electronics. After years of working in plastics, we felt compelled to strike out on our own to create products that bring nature into our hands and homes. 

Email: hello@amideas.com